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At Cofinex.io, we are on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.

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Think Clearly

Clarity of thought is the single most important trait we look for in our colleagues.

Be Resourceful

We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere, regardless of seniority and experience.

Stay Determined

We celebrate milestones together, we recharge and we get back to it.

Dream Big & Be Decisive

We aim to surprise and inspire with quality and speed of decision making.

Act As Owners

We’re trusted to do the right thing.

Remain Humble

We understand that we’re always stronger as a team – you leave your ego at the door.


Q1 2020

Cofinex.io wallet Launched

Q1 2020

Virtual Cards Started worldwide.

Q2. 2020

Forex Platform Launched

Q2. 2020

Cofinex.io Exchange is under test net.

Q2. 2020

Cofinex.io Token CNX Announced

Q3 2020

Marketing Campaign Start

Q3 2020

Crypto Plastic Will Launch Asia-Pacific expansion

Q3. 2020

Cofinex.io Exchange Launch.

Q4. 2020

Crypto Lend Coming Soon

Q4. 2020

AI Bots

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